If you’re anything like me you’re feeling the effects of  a few sparkly beverages, and maybe a not 100% Paleo diet. Holidays have a way of tricking us into thinking we can afford to indulge in desserts, alcohol and grain based buns that aren’t typically a part of most of our clean eating regimens. While indulging once in a while isn’t the end of the world, and won’t completely dismantle all the hard work you’ve done, there can definitely be some lingering effects on your willpower and workout routine – it’s a slippery slope so you’ve gotta get back on track sooner rather than later.  Here are my favorite ways to get back on track after a long weekend of eating and drinking.

Get Rid Of Guests’ Food
If you hosted a BBQ or other get together at your place, chances are people helped by bringing mayonnaise laden salads, condiments, and bread products into your clean eating abode. As we speak, er, type, there’s a giant bag of marshmallows in my kitchen. Best thing you can do? Get rid of them! If you don’t want to waste food, freeze them so they’re harder for you to be tempted by or store them out of sight and out of mind.

Eat At Home!
Plan to eat at home for the rest of the week so you can completely control everything you’re eating. Then, come up with a 2-3 meals you can easily make and have groceries on hand for. Even if the meals are really simple, it will be helpful to reestablish a routine, and make sure you’re not adding fuel to the fire with suspect cooking oils, fats, and iodized salt from your local bistro.

I Don’t Mean To Bragg…
But Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water is really helpful in reducing belly bloat, stabilizing your blood sugar levels and helping your system detox. You can have a glass or two a day and feel good as new the same day! Dandelion root tea is also helpful in reducing water retention and excessive sodium in your system from processsed foods and dressings.

Drink Enough Water
If you spent a lot of time in the sun over the long weekend, make sure you’re getting your fair share of water over the next few days to rehydrate. Aiming for an ounce per pound of body weight is a good start and after a few days, you can taper back down to regular consumption when you feel back to normal.

Get Some Damn Sleep!
Getting enough sleep after a long, hectic, fun weekend is one of the most important things you can do to allow your body to repair itself. Plan on 8-10 hours for a few days and you’ll be feeling great in no time. Your performance at the gym will likely also improve after you get enough zzzz’s. Speaking of the gym…

Don’t Avoid The Gym, But Don’t Punish Yourself
Get back to your normal workout routine as soon as possible, but don’t use your post weekend workouts as a way to punish yourself. Take it a bit easier if you need to, or just go with what works for you. Pushing yourself because you overdid it with food and drink can lead to dehydration and be a shock to your system after a few days off – both of which can inhibit fat loss and muscle growth. Do what you can, and don’t feel guilty for having enjoyed an amazing holiday weekend! It’s what our forefathers intended.