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Tuesday – September 30, 2014

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Block and Repetition Progression
Each block is 3 minutes on a running clock. If the athletes completes the 2 rounds in the block, he/she will move on to the next block of time. The athlete must rest during any remaining time during each 3 minute block.
Block 1
9 Thrusters
27 Double/Single Unders

Block 2
11 Thrusters
33 Double/Single Unders

Block 3
13 Thrusters
39 Double/Single Unders

Block 4
15 Thrusters
45 Double/Single Unders

Block 5
17 Thrusters
51 Double/Single Unders

Block 6
19 Thrusters
57 Double Unders/Single Unders

WORKOUT: This workout will be in 3 minute blocks of 2 rounds per block. If you complete the 2 rounds you will get another 3 minutes of Thrusters and Double/Single Unders (depending on level). Each repetition of Thrusters and each Double/Single Under is worth 1 rep.

At the sound of “3,2,1 Go” the athlete will perform 9 Thrusters followed by 27 Double/Single Unders. After the 27 Double/Single Unders the athlete will repeat another 9 Thrusters and 27 Double/Single Unders. The athlete may then rest the remaining time, until the 3 minute mark.

Round 2 the athlete will perform 2 rounds of 11 Thrusters and 33 Double/Single Unders. The athlete must complete their final double under before the 3 minute block is up. If they are unsuccessful the workout is over and their total reps will be tallied.

Each round the Thrusters will increase by 2 reps from the previous round and the Double/Single Unders will increase by 6 reps from the previous round. Each Thruster and each Double/Single Under is worth 1 rep. The athlete will earn additional 3 minute blocks until they are not able to complete the 2 rounds in the 3 minute block.

Your score will be the total number of reps completed.

Movement Details – Men
Level III (3)
Thrusters- 95lbs
Double Unders
Level II (2)
Thrusters- 75lbs
Double Unders
Level I (1)
Thrusters- 55lbs
Single Unders


Movement Details – Women
Level III (3)
Thrusters- 75lbs
Double Unders
Level II (2)
Thrusters- 55lbs
Double Unders
Level I (1)
Thrusters- 35lbs
Single Unders

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Monday – September 29, 2014

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Pooh Bear taking on the world with a different view.










*Every week we will all be doing one of the Diamond Comp Train WODS.

“Comp Train 9/27/14″

30 Min AMRAP

500 Meter Row

10 C2B Pull Ups

*Goal is to complete a 5k in allotted time.

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Saturday & Sunday: 9/27 – 9/28

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Spotlight Athlete on Kaleigh Marino



1. Name and “board name” (or what should your board name be)? What are your stats (optional)?


2. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I grew up in Lindenhurst and now live in Massapequa Park

3. What do you do for a living?

I am a Physician Assistant for a dermatology practice.

4. When did you become part of the Diamond family and why did you join?

I joined Diamond in April 2013 because a friend was doing it and she knew I would be hooked. I also wanted to get in shape for my wedding last November. Haven’t looked back since.

5. What was your athletic background before joining CFD?

I would say I have always been active but I have never stuck to anything as long as I have stuck with Crossfit. It never gets boring!

6. What is your favorite wod/exercise?

I love double unders, long chippers, and in a sick way I actually like Hero wods (usually)

7. What is your least favorite wod/exercise?

ANY variation of the snatch. Hate it.

8. What is your biggest milestone, achievement, or “A-ha” moment at CFD?

Getting kipping pullups and recently getting ONE strict pull up. I have never been able to do a pullup in my life until now.

9. What goal(s) are you looking to accomplish?

I am looking to be healthy and fit overall and have better endurance. I would like to become a better runner but I’ll never be the fastest at 5 foot nothing!!

10. What are your hobbies and interests outside of CFD?

I love the beach, yoga, live music and lately have an obsession with HGTV

11. What is something that we may not know about you?

I am a really good baker. Not paleo baked goods. The good stuff.

12. What is your favorite cheat meal?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

13. What is some advice or encouragement for someone just starting CFD or thinking of starting?

Don’t worry about everyone else and don’t worry about the clock. You are only competing against yourself. Go on the days you hate the wod, and go on the days you just don’t feel like working out. You’ll never regret it!! Oh and don’t forget to log!! Seeing how much stronger/faster you get is the best feeling.


Saturday:  8:30 & 9:30 am

Sunday:  8:30 & 9:30 am

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