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Valentine’s Day 2017

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February Snowfall!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 Snowstorm Hours

5AM Regular Session

6AM Open Gym Session

PM Session…TBD (Continue to check emails for updates.)

Here’s The Best Way To Shovel Snow, According To Experts

The main thing to remember is this: It’s a lever system. You’re the fulcrum, the shovel is the lever and the snow is the load. At the length of a shovel, it takes about 16 pounds of force to lift 6 pounds of snow. The denser the snow, the more effort it takes. Still, you can ease the difficulty by following a few tips: 1. Move closer to the snow instead of reaching to move it and 2. Stay upright to reduce back strain and utilize your thigh muscles.

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Super Bowl 2017

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It just so happens to be a big weekend. Football lovers will be glued to the season’s most exciting game and the chefs will be in the kitchen whipping up all the best finger foods for the event. I won’t bore you with too much chat, as the recipes I happen to be sharing today are nothing less than what you would expect to find at your average Super Bowl party. All of them are prepared with healthy Paleo ingredients though so here people will be able to enjoy a good time in good company without compromising their health.


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