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Comp Program

Ben Bergeron of CrossFit New England has trained and coached a bunch of Games and Regionals athletes including the 2011 Affiliate Champion team. He had individual athletes James Hobart and Rachel Martinez competing at the CrossFit Games in 2014 and also had a team qualify for and compete and the NorthEast Regional. Simply, he gets it. He has figured out the winning formula, and decided to make it public. He programs at 2 levels during the year, Open and Regional/Games. We will be following the Open level programming, unless someone were to qualify for Regionals, at which point they’d switch. This program is for serious gym members who want to grow and develop as the 2015 CrossFit Open draws closer. This program is guaranteed to prepare you to do better than you’ve ever been in the competition setting. As a group we will also supplement with the Wendler strength program in a way that makes sense for each member of the team. And seriously, Chris Spealler hired Ben as a coach to prepare for the past 2 Games seasons.. Not to mention countless other Games athletes who have turned to Ben Bergeron and the Competitors Training Program. Specifics can be found at

Nitty Gritty: This program requires commitment. Sometimes it is tedious, such as rowing or running intervals. Other times it can be very taxing with volume and frequency. Currently, we are in a 10 week squat cycle with 3x weekly heavy squatting. This program is only for people who already WOD 4-5x weekly and can make the commitment to completing all 5 days of programming weekly. That being said, it will be a blast, I promise. So if this sounds like something you’d be in to, please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns and we can iron it out. It’ll be a wild ride, and I promise with the right attitude and focus you will crush the 2015 Open in ways you can’t even dream about! – Coach Mike. (Contact info:

Minimum requirements for comp train.

  • *RX majority (80%++) general WODs
  • *Ability to do and maintain 5 working days per week
  • Unassisted C2B pullups 5/3 linked
  • Unassisted dips 5/3 linked
  • Chest to deck pushups (no worming)
  • Ability to do full ROM clean and jerk/snatch with minimal coaching assistance
  • Ability to do both split and push jerk. Doesn’t need to be perfect, but both of these are programmed, so knowledge of movement is required.
  • C&J 185-205/125-135ish? Snatch 135/95
  • Kipping or strict HSPU
  • Fran < 7:30ish
  • Cindy = 12ish rounds unassisted
  • 1 mile run < 9:00/10:00

*But absolutely, members need to be self sufficient. Get through a warm up and through the assigned wods with minimal coaching.