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(Everyone is welcome to wear a costume.)

Witches WOD

400 m run
ZOMBIES are chasing you!!!
On your way back run backward… Make sure you’ve lost them!

20 PUMPKIN tosses!
AKA wall balls 😉
pick a weight you can manage to do 2 sets of 10… No pumpkin smashing!

Get away from the SPIDERS on the ground!
3 rope climbs

GHOSTS have now entered the box! Good thing they hate GHD sit-ups…
Do 20, that should scare them off!!!

VAMPIRES thirsty…
Do 20 pull-ups. Make sure not to rip; they’re thirsty for blood!

Steal the WITCHES broomstick!
20 Broomstick jump overs
AKA burpees over the bar

20 front squats… Pick up the broomstick and use it to defend yourself from the WEREWOLVES that have snuck in!

SKELETONS are cool but only on Halloween; show them your muscles… that’ll turn them away!
Let’s see those push-ups!
Do 20

20 MUMMY rises
AKA weighted sit-ups
If you mimic them they’ll stay away from us!

Ok, so you’ve defeated the goblins and ghouls!!! BUT unfortunately, you ate too much CANDY this Halloween soooo do 20 double unders just to work some off! 😉