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Sue Cutillo
I just completed the 6 session fundamentals class.  Yes, I survived and plan on getting a membership!  I signed up feeling really excited and really nervous.  I had no idea what to expect other than that this was going to be a crazy ride !!  Jen was amazing.  She explained every exercise, showed us the proper form and technique and also demonstrated modifications.  Throughout the classes Jen reviewed nutrition and coached us on snacks to eat before and after each work out.  Most important of all, Jen cheered us on in every single work out.  She reminded me that I could do this and I never once felt intimidated.  The environment is designed to boost your strength as well as your confidence.  I have to say I feel great and I see results already.  The fundamentals class was the best way for me to ease into this type of work out.  Now I am better educated and feel more confident in joining in the group classes.  The feeling of success when you complete a work out is awesome.  Thank you so much Jen and Chris and staff…
Crossfit is the most rewarding exercise a person can do…. Add a trainer who is physically fit, knowledgeable, and compassionate about your workout… That’s Jennifer Tomcyzk at Crossfit Diamond….you will consider yourself lucky to be a part of this gym!
Christine Malich
After 3 months of Crossfit with Jen, I am surprised at how strong I have become and what my body is capable of. I love it!
Patty Doht
Training with Jen Tomczyk has been such a great experience for me.

Exercising is something I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to, rather than look at as a chore. It is the one thing I love to do for myself, being a mother of 4. My children are ages 12, 9, 7 & 5. I have always tried to fit exercise into my daily routine. I ran track and cross country in high school, I do like to put on my head phones and go for a run to clear my head. Having said that, since I started to do the Cross Fit workouts with Jen, I prefer to do these types of workouts over running. I absolutely feel that I get more out of the types of exercise we do when training with Jen. Sometimes the workouts take a shorter amount of time than if I went for a run, but I can tell that the effect on my entire body produces greater results. When I have watched my diet, and listened to Jen’s pointers about nutrition, I can honestly say that these workouts are the only type of exercise I have done and seen results. It’s not so much looking at the numbers on the scale, but the inches you lose, becoming tone and overall you feel strong and healthy.

I wish Jen much success & happiness as she opens up her own Cross Fit location. In the past year that I have been training with Jen, wherever the training may have taken place, I always looked forward to her workouts, and afterwards was happy I did them. It will be an added bonus to be able to train with Jen at her new location!

At Diamond Crossfit you will get the best workout ever.  Jenn teaches you how to do the workout with the proper technique so you do not get injured and you truly get the most out of what you do!